Services We Offer

Vacant Home Staging

We inject new life into your vacant home with relevant furnishings and stylish decor. We focus on the rooms that matter and find unique ways for your home to stand out. Whether you just moved out or your house has been sitting vacant a while, we can make it desirable.

Residential Staging

After a walk through of the house, we take into account the architecture, layout, and preferred buyer. From there, we design a plan and carefully choose furniture and accessories to showcase your home’s best features. We offer complete residential staging that elevates your home’s design and floor plan.

Luxury Estates

Luxury estates appeal to discerning buyers who want more than just a home. They’re looking for a lifestyle. We create a powerful statement by considering elements such as natural and artificial lighting, installing art pieces, and integrating luxury decorative accents. We showcase the homes best features and amenities by utilizing our extensive inventory of luxury furniture, decor, and accessories.


Renovations are only as good as your ability to highlight them and make them a core selling point. We hand select high-quality staging elements that add significant value to your property. Unlike virtual renderings, our staging is as impactful in person as it is online.

Display Homes

Staging your display home or model allows you to cast a vision to help buyers see what their dream home can look like. We add features and decor that gives your home character while leaving just enough space to get the buyer’s creative juices flowing. The right template can boost sales and bring more attention to your new development.

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Home staging can transform your average home into a top-selling property and give you negotiating power with potential buyers. Before you list your house, contact Dazzle Home Staging. Fill out our contact form or call us to schedule home staging in St. Louis, Missouri.